How do international students learn English?

Improve English Communication Skills in Australia English is the most widely spoken world language and it is estimated that 700 million people are learning English as an additional language. Oral communication skills are extremely important for any language learner and being an English learner, I would say that there are many ways we can  improve our […]

An Interview with Paul Salopek

Paul Salopek is a National Geographic fellow, who began a journey that will cover some 21,000 miles and  will take another seven years in 2013. Salopek has called this seven years trip ‘Out of Edan‘ because the route he is following  is a way anthropologists believe the path that humans left Africa and settled the […]

Collaboration with Dana Hall

      In term 2 2016, we collaborated with students from Dana Hall in the USA. We watched a film Whale Rider, our task was analysis the film techniques in the film and make an iBook. I worked in a group of three, and my partner is Ana Lucia and Flora Leung. Our EAL teacher […]

Literacy Capability

Literacy Capability In my research, I have communicated with a range of people in a variety of contexts. I have spoken face to face with people, they helped me found the new direction of my research. I plan to do an interview with an expert, this would also be an opportunity to communicating with people […]

Source Analysis 3

Author: Lee Cronin Date: Jun 2012 Title: Print your own medicine, TED talk   The information is valid, the featured speaker, Dr. Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow, discusses how eventually we may be able to print our own medicine using chemical inks. This resource lead to make me think about how […]

Source Analysis

Author: Adam Calderon Date: September 8, 2015 Title: The Roundtable: Our Thoughts About Model Based Drug Development, The Future is Now: How 3D Printing Could Deliver Personalized Medicine   This resource provided some more new ideas and information of 3D printing, the benefits of 3D printing are contained in this article. It discussed […]

Understanding and development of the Literacy Capability

Throughout my research, my capability of literacy understanding is developing, I focuses on the development of literacy skill including vocabulary, comprehension and understanding, my improvement of those skills would further help with my social capability and multicultural understanding. My research provided me with many opportunities to further my literacy capability, the deep research contains many new […]

Bibliography Annotation

Lee Cronin, Jun 2012, Print your own medicine, TED talk This TED talk introduced the numerous potential pharmaceutical applications for 3D printing. The featured speaker, Dr. Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow, discusses how eventually we may be able to print our own medicine using chemical inks. This resource leads to make me […]

Source Analysis 1

This article I have chosen contains much recent information on the growth of 3D print technology in medicine. It gives a deep explanation of the ethical issues of 3D printing, and also analyses the two sides of using 3D print technology in medicine. Susan Dodds believes 3D printing can offer benefits in many areas of […]

Development of Research

Analysing a source for new directions. After reading 3D Printing Raises Ethical Issues in Medicine  by Professor Susan Dodds I was not sure where to find more relevant information. I needed to see clearly the benefits and the risks to decide on keywords that I can then use in my search. To do this I made a […]